What is our mission?

The Foundation’s mission is to identify and fund the highest quality programs and projects that best represent the needs of our five county communities in the following funding areas: Education, Health, and General Welfare.

What geographical area does King’s Daughters and Sons Serve?

Funds will be granted to organizations located in, or to programs benefiting the residents of, the following five counties: Bolivar, Sharkey, Sunflower, and Washington Counties in Mississippi and Chicot County, Arkansas.

When can I apply?

The grant acceptance process opens on March 1 of every year with final submissions postmarked no later than May 1.

How will my organization’s grant application be evaluated?

Your Grant will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Compatibility of your program/project with the above stated mission.
  • The strength of your plans to sustain your project/program beyond the funding cycle, if applicable.
  • Capacity of your organization to successfully administer the project/program.
  • The viability of your organization, including your record of fiscal responsibility.
  • The qualifications of project personnel.
  • Realistic project budget.
  • Ability to measure project success.
  • Collaboration with other community resources.
  • Documentation complete enough to allow us to understand the scope of your project.

Can partial funding apply?

The Foundation reserves the right to partially fund any grant request.

What if my organization has received funding in the past?

Prior funding by the Foundation does not guarantee future funding of your project.

What is the time frame in which grant funding must be applied?

Funds awarded by September 2020 must be used by August 2021.  Funds not properly spent within that time frame must be returned to the Foundation.

Can my organization re-grant funding from King’s Daughters and Sons?

The Foundation will not grant to organizations that plan to re-grant King’s Daughters and Sons funds to programs of their own choosing.

If my organization’s application is funded, what further documentation is required?

If your application is funded, your organization MUST file semi-annual reports on the form provided online verifying how the grant funds are being spent. If you fail to submit semi-annual reports, the Foundation reserves the right to seek a return of unaccounted funds.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the King’s Daughters and Son’s Circle Number Two Foundation. If you have any questions regarding the application form or the grant process, please contact Margaret Baird at margaretbaird05@gmail.com.